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There are a lot of reasons someone might want to renovate their home: it’s outdated, they want to include more “smart” features, they want a new look, they’d like to boost resale value, or they need to fix a major safety problem. Instead of moving and purchasing a new home, remodeling can be a much cheaper and more feasible option. With multiple benefits and tons of options on how to make your remodel custom to you, what’s stopping you?

“I highly recommend Knox Roofing, they came out and fixed some issues I had on my roof where other contacts told me it was fixed and it wasn’t. These guys know what they are doing and show up on time, every time!”

Leslie B.

“I had Knox Construction come out and do my entire house with Pella windows. They showed up right on time. We had 13 windows in total with 1 6foot by 8foot bay window to replace a large sheet of glass. Everything turned out amazing I couldn’t be happier. They are now slated to do 3 of my neighbor’s houses in windows 1 with paint and 2 other neighbors with. The team has been just amazing!”

Jesse H.

“Completed a major roofing job on my old 1900 2-story home in Nampa. The project involved a tear-off of 3 layers of roofing including the original 118 year old shake shingles. I am very impressed with the efficiency, speed, and professionalism of Bruce and his crew working on this project. They completed the tear-off, put on sheathing, and new shingling, including new flashings on pipes, a ridge vent and quality shingling while maintaining professional communication, timeliness and safely completed the job before the rains came. 5 Stars – highly recommend.”

Joseph D.

Bathroom Remodeling in Boise

Did you know people spend about a year and a half of their lives in the bathroom? With that being said, you want to be able to feel comfortable while you’re there! Bathrooms are often the last rooms in the house to be updated, and remodels can quickly match them to the rest of your home. From small changes to full bathroom remodels, your project is of the utmost importance to us here at Knox Roofing and Construction. Even if you are only interested in doing a smaller renovation, like updating the shower or switching out a vanity, we can help you find the perfect options for your space.

When doing a remodel with Knox Roofing, you will be able to choose the exact style you’re going for. Your design is exactly what is installed professionally by our crew: The light fixtures, toilet, sink, cabinets, bathtub or shower, floor tile, paint color, and even accents. Finally get that edgy modern look or go for a more traditional look to make your guests feel right at home. Or maybe you’re looking to make the switch from a bathtub to a more conventional shower! From flooring, to wallpaper (or lack thereof), to ceiling, you get to pick how you want your new bathroom to look.

Boise bathroom remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

When people are selling a home, an updated kitchen is a great selling point. As it’s one of the best investments you can make on a house, getting a kitchen remodel is often a no-brainer for older homes about to go on the market. Renovating an old kitchen can allow you to get rid of outdated appliances, take on a new style, and even extend the room if you’re looking for a bigger space.

Get new cabinetry, smart appliances, full extension drawer slides, an island, updated flooring, lengthened counter-top space, task lighting, add a breakfast bar, or whatever you’d like to see in a new kitchen! Knox Roofing and Construction will work with you and your budget to get you the best value for your money to ensure the perfect kitchen remodel for you and your family.

When you have the perfect kitchen after a remodel, you’re almost guaranteed to spend more time in the room. Now that it’ll have a fresh look, you’ll be more than ready to throw parties so you can show it off (not to mention, you’ll be bragging about all the energy savings you’ll have with better appliances)! Let us help you get the kitchen of your dreams.

Home Additions in Boise

Bought a house a while back but need a bit more room now? Consider building onto your already existing home! Instead of spending a lot more money for a new home, adding space to an older home can be more cost-effective for your needs – and you’ll be building exactly what you want instead of hoping to find it in another house.

A home addition is entirely created by you. This can be an extra bedroom, a new bathroom, a sunroom, or even a whole floor added to the home you’re already in love with. While this can be a seemingly extensive process, an addition can increase your home’s value by a large amount, depending on your project. Additions are a great way to put your touch on a home and leave a lasting impression.

An addition doesn’t always have to be an actual build onto your home. Some people want to work with the space that they already have – like converting garages and attics. These are fun, unique rooms that will surely set your home apart and let you gain useful space. Add-ons like these are wonderful for turning otherwise unused space into a lasting impression on your family and guests.

Whole House Remodels

You love your neighborhood, but your house just isn’t working anymore. The layout is weird, the kitchen is outdated, and the bathrooms don’t match. Instead of working through each room for a remodel one by one, redesign your home all at once!

While there are benefits to remodeling one room at a time, it can be much easier to do it all at once in the long run. When you remodel your whole house at the same time, you’ll be able to make a much more cohesive flow and consistent design throughout all the rooms. Instead of using a remodeler once every few years, you’ll be able to maximize on savings by doing everything at once (the tile only has to be laid down in the matching bathrooms once, the carpet in the bedrooms installed only once, etc.). Using a company like Knox Roofing & Construction means we do it all. From installing new windows to painting and finished carpentry. No reason to work with more contractors than necessary! Not to mention, you’ll feel so much better overall once the whole project is done and complete!

Remodeling an entire home can feel like a daunting task, but in the end, will make you feel much more content in your home. With the design you choose, you’ll be able to fully appreciate every inch of your house from floor to ceiling!

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Whether you’re ready to remodel the bathroom or the entire house at once, you’re in good hands. Knox Roofing is experienced in all forms of remodeling projects to finish your remodel efficiently and within your budget. Resale value can be greatly improved with renovations, and it’s important you get yours done by a professional with the correct qualifications, insurance, and experience. Because any remodel can take time to complete, we work with you to ensure the least amount of interruption in your home life during your home remodeling project. When you’d like to schedule your remodeling consultation, call Knox Roofing and Construction today at (208) 400-3350 or fill out the form below !

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