Sometimes a replacement roof is not necessarily the right answer. Depending on the condition and age of the roof, you may be able to repair any problem areas. This will save a considerable amount of money versus a total replacement.

Why Repair your Roof versus Replace?

It typically comes down to cost. At the end of the day running a home is just like running a business. Money you save in one area of the home can be used in other areas. One of the biggest indicators most homeowners face is a leaky roof. When it comes to water, you need to work with a professional roofer in Boise to decide whether you should replace or repair.

Water damage can cause a multitude of problems, including, but not limited to:

Mold – if mold is present it needs to be dealt with immediately. Most molds can cause significant health issues and aren’t to be taken lightly.

Electrical Fire Hazards – everyone knows that water and electricity do not mix. Open circuits that get wet can cause fire unexpected fires.

Collapsed Ceiling – water will compromise the structural integrity in your home and can cause a physical breakdown over time due to weakened rafter, joists, etc.

Higher Power Bills – attic insulation doesn’t do your home any good if it becomes wet. If it’s compromised by leaking water, you no longer providing the money savings benefit you depend on.

What to Look For

If you think you have a leak in your roof and need a repair there are a few signs to help you determine if you should call a professional. Aside from the obvious indicator of water dripping from your ceiling, you can also look for dark spots that weren’t previously there. This indicates a possible pooling of water on the sheetrock that makes up the ceiling. You can also look for sagging areas in your ceiling or wet walls or damp walls. This is an extreme sign that your ceiling is in danger of collapsing and should be addressed at once.

Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency roof repairs could be the difference between staying in your home or having to vacate because of larger, more significant issues. If you think there is a problem, you are probably right. In either event, contact a local roofer to find out for sure. Don’t depend on a family friend. Find someone that is experienced in local roofing. They are best suited to help you make these critical decisions.

Hire a Local Boise Roofing Company

When you need a roof repair done now, you need it done right and done by pros that know the local roofing requirements. Knox Roofing is your Boise roof repair experts. Call our office at (720) 765-6314 today and get our crew on the job immediately!