Yes, a leaky roof can be repaired. In fact, for a minimal cost, most types of roofs can be repaired. Sometimes you may have a roof that is too old or damaged; one that will be susceptible to further damage if we were to try and attempt a repair. In these rare cases, we will likely request to go forward with a full roof replacement. You also have to consider the age of your roof because if it is too old, it may no longer comply with modern-day building codes. Sometimes a roofer may place new shingles over pre-existing faulty ones, and the limit is two layers of shingles to keep in compliance with building codes. So if you have already repaired up to this limit, then your next time around would definitely be the time for a whole roof replacement. This will save time and hassle in the end and is a much better option than trying to repair damage upon damage.

Who do I call if I find a leak? A roofer or my insurance company?

You need to call a roofer first to have an evaluation done. Since we work with the insurance for you, we need to know exactly what needs to be done to your roof to make it secure, whole, and up to code. We will work with your homeowner’s insurance company to get you the best deal through the adjusters.

Who deals with the insurance company? The roofer or myself?

Working with insurance companies can be a difficult and sometimes confusing process. Luckily, the roofing company is the one to work with the insurance company on your behalf. We take care of making the claim, we handle all of the paperwork, and we negotiate with the adjusters for you to make sure that you get the best value for your money.

What if more than just the roof is damaged as a result?

Sometimes in the process of repairing a roof, the carpentry and other small aspects of roof repair may cause damage to parts of the home that are not your roof. If it is too extensive, we recommend that another subcontractor who specializes in that area be called in to fix it.

Will a repaired roof last as long as an original roof?

Most repairs that we do will last as long as the entire roof does. We warranty all of our roofing repair areas for a certain amount of time. When you have a repair done on your roof, you will notice some discoloration and inconsistent coloring of your shingles. This is because the old shingles have already faded in the sun and your new shingles will be a different shade even if they are the same color as the older ones. Sometimes, if it has been too long since your roof has been redone, the color that your old shingles came in may not be available anymore, so we’ll have to go with a color that is similar but not the same. In some cases, color consistency on a roof is important to a homeowner. This could be because the home sits in clear view of passers-by, or maybe they plan on selling their home in the next few years. If color consistency is important to you, then you may want to consider doing a complete roof replacement to preserve it.

Will the repaired area be obvious?

It is most likely that you will be able to see the roof repair after it’s done. Depending on the type of repair your roof needs, we will have to remove old shingles and replace them with new ones. In many cases, the repair will be visible because of the fading of the old shingles. The new shingles are going to be brighter and more distinctive.