When it comes to protecting your business, your merchandise, and your employees, nothing is more important than having a solid roof. Just one leak can cause expensive damage that will result in problems for your company. Plus, a roof that isn’t properly sealed can cause expensive energy bills and an uncomfortable indoor environment. If you are looking for local roofing companies in Boise, we would love to show you what we have to offer at Knox Roofing and Construction. We are experts in commercial roofing repair.

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What Makes Commercial Roofing Repair Different?

Commercial buildings are completely different from residential properties. For one thing, most commercial buildings have flat roofs instead of the sloped roofs that are found on most homes. This means that commercial roof repair in Boise should look different, too. Flat roofs can be uniquely susceptible to sunshine and storms which is why we specialize in roof storm damage repair in Boise. Here are some of the common problems we find on commercial roofs:

Pooling Water

If your drains are clogged or the slop of your roof is off, you could end up with pooling water on your roof. Pooling water is bad news because it can sneak through the cracks and cause a leak. Calling for roof leak repair in Boise right away is important to avoid rot and mold. As commercial roofing contractors in Boise, we know how to spot problems and keep them from returning.

Commercial Roof Flashing Repair

Flashing can be found at seams and joints on your building. This could be next to your HVAC system, near a wall, or near vents. Damage can often be found on or next to the flashing, or on the parapet wall on top of your flat roof. You’ll need a local roofing company in Boise to come and inspect your roof to see if there is damage to your flashing. Commercial roof flashing repair is something we take care of all the time, and we would love to get your call.

Leaks Around Pipes and Drains

Pipes drains, gas lines, HVAC systems, and more are essential parts of a roof. However, all of these areas are more susceptible to wear and tear and damage. When we evaluate buildings with our storm damage roof repair in Boise, we often find the most problems in these areas. We will make sure that these parts of your roof are properly sealed. 

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Leaking Roof Membranes

If you have a rubber roof, extreme weather and improper installation can cause the material to shrink and pull apart, leaving cracks and leaks. If you notice signs of damage or if your roof starts leaking, call us for roof leak repair in Boise. If the damage is extensive, we are always happy to recommend the commercial roof service in Boise that we think would best fit your situation.

When Do You Need a Roof Repair?

How do you know when you need our commercial roof service in Boise? Keeping an eye on your roof can prevent a lot of future headaches. We would recommend calling any time you see visible signs of damage. Schedule a commercial roof inspection in Boise if you see blistering, pooling water, rust, clogged drains, or signs of leaking inside.

When there is a major storm that comes through Boise, ID, this is also a good time to have your roof looked at. Roof storm damage repair in Boise can prevent more major problems from occurring.

Preventing Leaks Through Commercial Roof Inspection in Boise

If you want to prevent having to call for a storm damage roof repair in Boise, you can make sure your roof is in perfect condition by scheduling regular maintenance. Our commercial roof inspections in Boise help to catch small problems before they grow into something bigger.  Areas that are already damaged become more susceptible to the effects of strong winds and rain.

Why Should You Choose Knox Roofing?

It can be overwhelming to find the right commercial roofing contractors in Boise. You can start with a company that has over 20 years of experience repairing and installing commercial roofs in Boise, ID. We specialize in helping commercial properties stay safe and secure in all kinds of weather. With fast turnaround times and high standards for all of our services, Knox Roofing and Construction is always a good choice. Ensure the quality of your roof with our commercial roofing repair services.

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