There are times when the weather in Boise, ID can be hard on a commercial roof. If yours is reaching the end of its lifespan, one good storm can cause it to start leaking. When your whole roof fails, you could be looking at the damage that can be hard to come back from. We would love to help your business with our commercial roof replacement in Boise. We make sure your building is safe and ready for rain, snow, or hail, and we are proud of the quality commercial roof replacements we are able to offer in the area.

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Professional Commercial Roofing Replacement in Boise

Commercial properties need specialized services to make sure the roof is in good condition. These roofs have different installation and maintenance needs than roofs on residential properties. We have installed countless commercial roofs in the area, making us the perfect resource for local business owners. We would be happy to give you a commercial roof replacement estimate in Boise to help you get started on the process.

When Do You Need a Commercial Roof Replacement in Boise?

There may be times when it is very obvious that you need a roof replacement. Maybe heavy spring snow has turned into rain, causing moisture to leak through every weak spot in the roof. Other times, you may be pressed to make a decision between replacement and repair when the solution isn’t quite as straightforward. There are many local roofing companies in Boise that will push for a replacement no matter what. But at Knox Roofing and Construction, we want what is best for your business. We may recommend a replacement in the following situations:

  • Your roof is past its life expectancy
  • You are having to pay for constant repairs
  • Your roof is leaking in more than one place
  • Your roof is causing problems with the overall energy efficiency of your building
  • Your roof has been severely storming damaged

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Common Commercial Roofing Types

Most commercial buildings in Boise have flat roofs. It can be difficult to decide which type of roof you want to have installed on your property. We will always be here to answer questions about roofing materials and which we would recommend for your building and budget. Here are some of the most common types we install with our commercial roof service in Boise.


EPDM, also called Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer, is one of the most commonly used flat roofing materials. It is a sheet of single-ply rubber that is made from recycled materials such as used tires, sawdust, and slate dust. This makes them an eco-friendly material that is attractive to many business owners. It always needs to be properly installed by a licensed commercial roofing contractor in Boise to ensure that it doesn’t shrink with age.


PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, performs extremely well in all kinds of weather. It can also be recycled, and it comes in a variety of colors. It can be a good choice for some buildings. Our commercial roofing contractors in Boise know a lot about the differences in material and can help you out with the decision.

Commercial Roof Coatings

Some buildings may need a roof coating instead of commercial roof installation in Boise. We’re happy to offer both services as part of our commercial roof service in Boise. A coating can provide additional protection from rain and add some time to your roof.

Sloped Roofs

Some commercial properties have sloped roofs. We would love to offer the same quality services for your business as we have been offering to homeowners for years. Our local roofing company in Boise can install everything from asphalt shingles to metal roofing.

Commercial Roof Inspection in Boise

If you aren’t sure if you need a commercial roof replacement in Boise, you can have us come take a look at your roof. We also offer commercial roof inspection in Boise. We recommend having your roof looked at regularly to avoid damage and leaks.

Our Commercial Roof Replacements At Knox Roofing

We have built a strong reputation in the community for our reliable commercial roof installations in Boise. We have years of experience with replacing and installing roofs, specifically in the Treasure Valley area. We know the climate, and we will know what your building needs to stay safe from the weather. When you need a commercial roof replacement, we are here for you and your company.

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