Question 1: What should I do in a situation where I need my roof repaired and insurance is invovled?
If you suspect your roof has been damaged by rain, hail, wind, or some other occurrence, you need to start checking for the suspected damage right away. If you notice something of concern call us right away to come out and do an assessment. Insurance companies sometimes have guidelines as to how long you can wait after the damage was caused before you file a claim that they will cover. Simple repairs and replacements are covered by insurance. However, if the repair or replacement is needed because of negligence, such as a leak that has gone unfixed for too long, then a lot of the time the insurance company won’t cover it. Damage caused by wind, hail, or other inclement weather is often covered by insurance; however not all types of damage are covered by all policies. If the damage to your roof is caused by a covered event, or if it is listed as covered in your policy then the insurance company will likely pay. It’s just a question of how much they will pay toward the claim. Sometimes insurance companies won’t cover the entire cost of a new roof. The type of the roof and the age of the roof can be determining factors in this. They may also want to prorate the cost depending on the age of the roof. Some insurance claims for roofs are initially denied while some are paid out on a depreciated value of the roof. If your claim is initially denied, then you can appeal the decision. Your insurance policy is a contract with the insurance company. You can always consult with an attorney if you feel you need to in order to get something done for your roof.

Question 2: Is it simple to file a roof repair insurance claim or difficult?
It is simple to file a claim. This can be done in a matter of just a few minutes over the phone. But the entire claim process can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of months, it just varies depending on the insurance company. The process of filing and following through with an insurance claim can be tricky if you don’t follow each step exactly right. There are a number of factors that will determine what an insurance company will pay. They will want complete documentation of everything. They are not very trusting companies.

Question 3: Should i Call a roofing company or insurance company first in a roofing claim?
When dealing with insurance companies and claims for your roof, having an experienced roofing contractor on your side can be very beneficial. An insurance company will often send out an inspector to examine your roof and decide whether or not the company should cover any part of the cost of repairs or replacement. We deal with the insurance company for you, so we file the claim, negotiate with the adjuster, fill out the paperwork, and handle the payments start to finish.

Question 4: Is there a Deductible when filing a roof repair claim?
Most insurance policies out there are going to include a deductible. This means that there is a portion of the cost of repairs or replacement that you are going to have to pay. Deductible amounts affect the premium you pay for the policy you have, and they vary depending on the company and policy. Starting a claim is free, but when the current claim is granted, then you will be responsible to pay your deductibles. In many cases, the insurance company will just subtract the deductible from the payment they make to the roofing company. But it could be that you may have to pay the deductible that you chose for your policy before the insurance company will pay anything.