If you’re in need of roof installation in Boise, ID, you’ve come to the right place. At Knox Roofing and Construction, we specialize in all types of roof installation services. Whether you are building a new home and require a roofing specialist or replacing your old roof, we can handle the job. 

Your roof does more for your home than you think. It is the first defense against harsh weather and extreme climate. Choosing the right roof for your home is crucial. A rushed roof installation can leave you with future problems that will cost you a lot of money and time in the long run. However, when a roof is installed properly, you can enjoy many years of structural integrity and minimal maintenance. 

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Experts in Roof Replacement 

At Knox Roofing and Construction, we understand your home is an investment, and you want to look after it. Likewise, your roof should not be any different. We pride ourselves on completing every roof installation quickly and effectively using high-quality material and a high standard of workmanship. We offer friendly service and reliable advice to ensure you make an informed decision when choosing a roof. 


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    Signs You Need a New Roof Installation 

    If you are building a new home and looking for a roofing specialist, we are here to help. You may want to customize your roof and install things like solar panels. We will discuss all your options and help you make the right decision. However, if you are considering replacing your roof but are unsure of the right time to do this, we can help you. Here are a few signs that you need a new roof on your home: 

    Shingle Disintegration and Decay 

    If your roof shingles are damaged or starting to decay, they could allow water into your home, causing water damage. If you are spending lots of money or replacing shingles, you may need to replace your roof. 

    Ceiling Spots 

    Ceiling spots occur when there is water leaking through your roof and there is not enough ventilation for the water to evaporate. Over time, water leaks can make your ceiling weak. One spot may be easy enough to repair. However, if you have many ceiling spots around your home, it may indicate that you need a new roof installation. 

    Frequent Repairs 

    If your roof constantly requires repairs and you are not seeing any visible improvement, this may be a sign that you should have a roof replacement. You will save a lot of money and time when you compare a roof replacement with frequent repairs. 

    The Benefits of Boise Roof Replacement 

    Whether you opt for a metal roof installation or a traditional shingle roof installation, a new roofing system will give you so much more than a dry, water-damaged-free home. There is a lot to gain when having a new roof installed. Here are just a few of the ways you can benefit: 

    Save on Roof Repairs 

    If you schedule a new roof installation instead of frequent repairs, you will save money now and in the future. With quality installation from our team, you can have peace of mind that your roof is in excellent condition. 

    More Convenience 

    Constantly calling a roofing company to repair your roof can be frustrating. With a new roof installation, there is no need to worry about the condition of your roof every day. Schedule routine maintenance with us, and we will take care of the rest. 

    Add Value to Your Property 

    Of course, replacing anything in your home will add value to it. A roof is no different. It not only improves the aesthetic value of your home, but it also increases the market value. Make sure you call Knox Roofing and Construction to properly install your new roof in Boise. 

    Roof Installation in Boise, ID
    Roof Installation in Boise, ID
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    Quality Roof Installations in Boise, ID 

    If there is anything we know at Knox Roofing and Construction, it’s how to provide quality roof installations in Boise and the surrounding area. We don’t take shortcuts when installing a roof. We pride ourselves on high-quality installations and friendly service. No matter your need, we are here for you. We specialize in metal roofs, shingle roofs, flat roof installation, tile roof installation, and so much more. If you are concerned about the cost of a new roof, ask us about roof installation financing. Our team wants to make getting a new roof as stress-free as possible. 

    Call Knox Roofing and Construction at (208) 400-3350 or contact us online for roof installation services in Boise, ID.