Not only is your roof extremely important for keeping out the rain and the cold, but a new roof is also one of the biggest purchases you will make for your home. You don’t want to neglect maintenance because it’s a small investment with a major payoff. At Knox Roofing & Construction, we are eager to help you avoid repairs and put off a roof replacement as long as possible with our roof maintenance in Boise, ID. 

What is Considered “Roof Maintenance”?

Roof maintenance is anything that you do or a roofing contractor does to take care of your roof. Roof maintenance of any kind extends the lifespan of your roof, prevents surprise leaks, lowers the cost of roofing repairs, keeps your home more energy-efficient, and gives you peace of mind from January to December. Your roof maintenance in Boise ID might include some of the following professional services:


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    Roof Cleaning

    After a storm, sticks, leaves, trash, and other debris can end up on your roof. You don’t want to leave them there because you could get a build-up of moisture under the debris. You can have your roof cleaned by a roofing company if you are nervous about going onto your roof. 

    Clearing the Gutters

    Gutters need to be cleaned every year. Otherwise, they can’t move rainwater and snowmelt away from the roof and away from your foundation like they are supposed to. This can also be a part of professional roof maintenance near Boise ID.

    Removing Mold, Mildew, and Algae

    Although it isn’t as big of a problem in dry climates like Boise, mold, mildew, and algae can still form on your roof. If you notice stains on your roof, you can have them removed. 

    Performing Small Repairs

    With the average cost of a new roof hovering around $12,000 for a shingle roof, it’s no wonder most homeowners are eager to find and fix small problems as quickly as possible. By finding little imperfections, you’ll be keeping rain from seeping behind the shingles where it can rot the roof deck and cause the whole thing to need to be replaced. 

    Roof Inspections

    Roof inspections are an important part of preventative maintenance because you won’t know what to fix unless you have your roof looked at carefully. Our inspections are designed to find even the smallest flaws and we don’t miss a thing. 

    How Often Do You Need Roof Maintenance in Boise, ID? 

    Maintaining your roof is something you should be thinking about all the time. It isn’t something that only needs to be attended to once a year. Here are some of the times to consider roof maintenance near you. 

    Seasonal Maintenance

    The seasons will change how you maintain your roof. During the winter, you will want to make sure snow is sliding easily off the roof and not forming ice along the edge or near the gutter. You will also want to remove icicles. During the fall and spring, there can be a lot of debris from falling leaves, buds, seeds, and pollen. The summer heat and winds can cause damage that you’ll want to schedule a roof repair for. 

    Annual Inspections

    Annual inspections from a local company should always be part of your roofing maintenance plan. They will help catch anything that you didn’t find throughout the year. We offer the best inspections in the area because we examine everything from your flashing to your vents to look for potential problems. 

    Inspections After Major Storms

    After a storm, you can do a quick visual check of your roof. If you notice any missing shingles or signs of granules on the ground, you can call to have your roof checked for damage. 

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    How Do You Maintain a Shingle Roof? 

    There is a lot that goes into keeping a shingle roof healthy. In addition to cleaning your gutters and scheduling inspections, you should follow a few more steps. Have any branches trimmed that are hanging over the roof. That way, when there are heavy winds, you won’t get branches crashing down and damaging your shingles. You can also improve your attic insulation or install heat strips on your roof to prevent ice dams. 

    Reliable Roof Maintenance Boise ID

    When you need roof maintenance in Boise ID, rely on the company that cares about getting the job done right. We use the highest quality materials for all of our services and we don’t stop until you’re happy and your roof looks great. When you need to have your roof cleaned, inspected, or repaired, give Knox Roofing & Construction a call.