Question1: What should a Roofing quote or estimate be like?
A roofing quote should be transparent and maybe even lengthy. You want to look at the type of materials they are offering. Roofing material manufacturers are like car manufacturers. You have your cheaper, low-end option and then you have high-end options. You want to do your homework and compare to make an informed decision. A quote should be thorough. It should include every detail of the project. You want to make sure the quote notes clean up and hauling away the old roofing, start and finish dates, hourly rates, materials, and labor costs Make sure they are going to change out flashings. It may also include a buffer budget to take care of unforeseen costs that may come up during the project as well as permits and warranties.

Beware of very low estimates of roofing repairs or installations, as this can be a sign of a scam. Very high numbers are concerning as well. When comparing quotes, be on the lookout for pricing outliers. The numbers should be close to the same for each individual item across the board. So if you see any that are way off, ask questions about it. It’s important to understand why the numbers are the way they are. A good quote should be easy to understand. The numbers should be organized and itemized. A good company will give you the option to get ice and water shield and other upgrades. Ice and water shield is a waterproof membrane that underlies the roof to keep water out of your home and protect vulnerable areas of the roof from damage caused by water, snow, and ice. It is made with polymer-modified bitumen. The back of the ice and water shield is adhesive so it is kind of like a peel and stick material. The bitumen is made to seal around the nails that you drive through the materials when putting the roof on. This shield is a good upgrade because if you apply it to the entire roof, you can have high winds blow your shingles right off and still have a watertight seal.

You may want to consider other upgrades, such as installation of a new, airtight chimney cap This will save you energy and keep rain, birds, and other small animals out of your chimney. You might want to install eave flashing to further protect the roof. There is also the potential to improve your roof’s ventilation. There may be an option for energy-efficient shingles that you want to consider, or you may want them to install some low-maintenance gutters.

Question2: How much should a roofing quote be?
A roofing quote has a lot of factors that go into calculating the final price. An estimator will consider length, width, pitch, dormers, and roof difficulty. They will also factor in any skylights or vents that the roofers will have to work around during the project. They consider chimneys, valleys, the ridge vent, tear off, and all the plywood and sheeting. Most quotes are finished within 24-48 hours of the estimator coming out to your home.

Question 3: How long does a roofing project take start to finish?
The timeline for completing a roofing project can be subject to a variety of things. It depends on the materials the roofers are going to use, the size of the crew, and the size of the roof. The weather can also play a part. With our services, after we get a signed contract and we have picked out a color, it takes somewhere between 3 and 8 weeks to get the roof done after accepting the quote. Make sure to keep in communication with your roofer about timelines and expectations.