Bathroom remodeling is often done by a professional crew that comes in and clears out the room before bringing in new features for a different, updated look. While some people only change a few things in their bathroom remodel, others use it to completely alter the size, layout, and style of the bathroom. Budgets covering a wide range are applicable in different bathroom designs, especially when it comes to a flexible vision. Homeowners can choose to make their design traditional or as out of the ordinary as they would like to take it!

Older homes tend to have the most bathroom remodels, as it might be crucial to the overall function of the home to have it updated. Pipes may be old and leaking, or features may not even work anymore at all! These types of bathroom remodels are often the most stunning, as the before and after visuals are completely different. Dated fixtures and showers can be updated easily in a remodel to match other updated portions of a home, making the structure much more appealing to buyers. No matter the reason for your need for a remodel, a Boise house remodeler like Knox Roofing can help you accomplish an amazing finish. From the design phase to implementation, our team of experts are right by your side every step of the way!

What are the Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling?
Are you looking for ways to increase your home value? Look no further than a bathroom remodel! Bathroom remodels have a great ROI and appeal to many home buyers when touring through. Even if the change is a small one, most homeowners will want to finish some type of bathroom remodel while they own their home. Because people spend so much time in the bathroom throughout their lives, feeling a renewed sense of love and refreshment from your bathroom will make you enjoy your home once again. On the other hand, it is very possible that a remodeled bathroom is what finally pushes a potential buyer over the edge to want to put an offer on your house.

Depending on the updates that are made, a remodeled bathroom can be completely unrecognizable once it has been completed. Additions in storage areas and a brand-new window can give you a new perspective on how you organize and enjoy the space. Homeowners are truly able to capture their dream bathroom when they decide to remodel. Those that are wanting to turn their home into a more sustainable and energy efficient space will find that there are multiple ways to incorporate such a lifestyle inside their bathroom. In fact, more and more energy efficient features are coming out every day!

Choosing Your Remodel Design
The only thing holding you back from a specific bathroom design really only comes down to your budget! Every day, more and more amazing options come out for remodeling from self-cleaning toilets, to smart sinks, to heated bathroom tiles. With the right Boise home remodeler, you can get access to the highest quality features you can ever ask for in your design – but you have to start somewhere. A great place to start the idea phase of your remodel is by playing around on the internet. Google and Pinterest searches will be able to show you visually how different designs work together, as well as open your eyes to certain features you probably would have never known about.

Don’t forget to take the rest of your house into account when planning your bathroom remodel. Many people start with their bathrooms when updating their homes because it tends to be a smaller project. With that in mind, think long and hard how other rooms in your house will complement the design of the new bathroom once you get around to remodeling those down the road. Starting with the biggest, most obvious features in the bathroom can help you design better as well. Determine where you would like the bathtub/shower (or both!), the sink, and the toilet. From there, you can pick out what else you want in your bathroom to fill in the spaces around and between.

Some things that people forget seem almost obvious when going back through. What type of flooring would you like to use? Would you like to add a window? Is there enough lighting in the bathroom? Think from floor to ceiling about every aspect of your new bathroom to ensure you will be satisfied with everything about the end showing. Remember, this bathroom remodel is completely for you – make sure you are covering all of your needs and wants in this design!

How to Pick a Remodeling Company
You want to choose a remodeling company you feel comfortable letting inside your home. With as big of an investment you are making with your bathroom remodel, you want to make sure you are getting the highest quality materials and the best workmanship around. When you begin your search of trying to find a reliable remodeling company in Boise, first ask close friends and family to see if they recommend anyone. Word of mouth can often give you some of the best experiences possible! Outside of personal recommendations, take a look at local company websites and social media pages to learn more about the work they do and the ethics they stand by.

An honest remodeling company like Knox Roofing will be able to provide you with proof of all the necessary licensing and insurance coverage so that you never have to worry. Being an experienced remodeling business, it is important to us that you can completely trust us to do a great job working on your bathroom remodel. We understand the investment you are making in your home, and we want to ensure you fall in love with the end design. When you decide to update your bathroom with a modern, unique look, make sure you give us a call for a free consultation and home visit.

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