Have Siding Thats Damaged or Broken?

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Siding damage is inevitable, but the good news is that Knox Roofing & Construction can often repair homeowners’ siding instead of opting for a full replacement. Our expertise in siding repair extends across various situations, addressing common issues to restore the integrity and aesthetic appeal of your home.

Common Siding Repair Issues

Weakened Sealing Between Joints

A frequent issue faced by homeowners is weakened or broken sealing between joints. Our professionals specialize in resealing these areas, preventing moisture infiltration and preserving the structural integrity of the siding.

Issues Stemming from Improper Installation

Improper installation, often a consequence of choosing the cheapest installer, can lead to various problems. Boards may not be properly nailed, joints may lack proper sealing, or low-quality materials can compromise the overall integrity of the siding.

Regular Maintenance and Repair Process

Tailored Repair Based on Siding Type

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your siding in top shape. Repair methods vary based on siding types – gouged wood siding may be sanded down and repainted, while a cracked vinyl board may require replacement. Knox Roofing & Construction provides expert guidance on the ideal repair process for your unique situation.

Signs It’s Time for Repair

Loose or cracked siding pieces, water damage, rust, mold, rot, and insect damage are indicators that it’s time for siding repair. Even seemingly small cracks and holes can compromise the protection offered by your siding, making regular inspections crucial.

Professional Expertise Matters

While some siding repairs can be tempting DIY projects, entrusting a professional like Knox Roofing & Construction is a wise decision. Faulty repairs can lead to more significant damage down the road, necessitating the replacement of the entire siding.

Damaged Wooden Siding

Determining Repair or Replacement

Our experienced team assesses each project individually. Smaller chips or cracks typically require repairs, but extensive cracking, fading, or mass rotting may signal the need for full replacement. Mold issues are carefully evaluated to determine whether repair or replacement is the most suitable solution.

Trustworthy Siding Repair Contractors

Choosing a siding repair contractor requires trust. Knox Roofing, your premium siding contractor in Boise, boasts years of experience, full insurance coverage, and a reputation for delivering superior repairs and craftsmanship.

Our Commitment to You: Transparent Process and Communication

From the moment we step onto your property, Knox Roofing & Construction ensures your satisfaction. We take pride in transparent repair and replacement processes, keeping you informed about every step. Our team communicates any additional issues and recommends specific maintenance to extend the life of your siding.

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Your Lifelong Siding Contractor

We aspire to be your lifelong siding contractor, providing top-notch services in Boise. When storms strike and your siding needs repair, call Knox Roofing & Construction for a thorough inspection and expert repair services. Your satisfaction is our priority, making siding maintenance a stress-free experience with us.