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Your home’s roofing and siding work as a protective team, keeping your home and family safe from weather hazards. To keep your roof working as a strong protective force, it’s vital to protect it. At Knox Roofing and Construction, we will conduct reliable roof services to install your roof or siding correctly and keep it running smoothly for its entire lifespan or longer.

Are you searching for a reliable roofing contractor in Caldwell, ID? Roofing and siding can be dangerous work. Don’t stress trying to complete your roofing projects alone! The expert roofers at Knox Roofing are ready to finish your project with precision and care. Don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us today for safe roofing repairs or installations at (208) 400-3350.

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Services For Siding and Roofing in Caldwell, ID

Our services for siding and roofing in Caldwell, ID, include roof inspections, residential roof repair, commercial roof repair, residential roof replacement, commercial roof replacement, roof restoration, roof coating, roof maintenance, siding installation, and siding repair.

Roof Inspection in Caldwell

We begin our roof repairs and replacements by inspecting your existing roof. If you’re receiving repair services, we will check for any loose shingles, sunken sections, or leaks. If you’re undergoing a partial or total roof replacement, we will determine if any parts of your old roof are salvageable and what needs to be improved with your new roofing system.

Residential Roof Repair in Caldwell

Our services for residential roof repair in Caldwell address any damage that trees or weather cause, relieve clogs in your roof’s drainage system, and patch any exposed areas. Homeowner’s insurance regularly covers unexpected roof leaks from weather damage.

Commercial Roof Repair in Caldwell

If you notice issues with the roof of your business building, it’s vital to address them early. After all, your commercial roof is essential for keeping your employees and customers safe. Our services for commercial roof repair in Caldwell handle issues like correcting weatherproofing, removing excess water pooling on your roof, and addressing cracks and leaks in your roof.

Residential Roof Replacement in Caldwell

Our services for residential roof replacement in Caldwell will help you increase your roof’s protective capabilities and efficiency. Our expert roofers can help you decide which new roof material is best for your home’s protection and style.

Commercial Roof Replacement in Caldwell

If your business is experiencing leaks or operates from an older property, it’s time for commercial roof replacement in Caldwell. Flat roofs, which are common in businesses, last anywhere from 15 to 25 years.

Roof Restoration in Caldwell

Our services for roof restoration in Caldwell help you clean your roof and recoat or restore specific sections of it. Roof restoration is useful for replacing parts of your roof instead of requiring higher upfront costs for a new roof altogether.

Roof Coating in Caldwell

Along with installing new materials for your roof, there are materials we can put on your roof to provide an additional layer of protection. Roof coatings offer a membrane over your roof to keep it further protected from harsh wind, sun rays, or water damage.

Roof Maintenance in Caldwell

Annual roof maintenance in Caldwell helps protect your home from summer’s powerful rays and winter’s freezing temperatures or possible snow, preparing you for the extreme weather seasons. During an annual roof maintenance appointment, our roofers can monitor the progress your roof has made over the last year, how it responded to repairs, and how it can improve.

Siding Installation in Caldwell

Siding protects your home’s sides, while your roof protects the top. Our services for siding installation in Caldwell will help you upgrade outdated siding pieces and replace them with longer-lasting materials. Siding typically lasts 10-15 years before requiring replacement.

Siding Repair in Caldwell

Thankfully, there is a step before total siding replacement. Our services for siding repair in Caldwell address warped sections of your siding and broken components and help you fix specific areas instead of shelling out on new siding entirely before its lifespan is up.

Knox Roofing and Construction Will Safely Complete Your Siding and Roofing in Caldwell, ID

Knox Roofing and Construction brings over 20 years of experience to each project, and our expert electricians complete their work with long-lasting products and quick turnaround times. We can transform your home’s roof into the aesthetically pleasing and protective roof you deserve. Our roof services keep you safe and increase your home’s curb appeal.

Are you searching for a reliable roofing contractor in Caldwell, ID? Knox Roofing is the community’s go-to company for roofing in Caldwell. We show up on time and are ready to get the job done right, with an attention to detail that sets us apart from the rest. Don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us today to book your roofing repairs or installations at (208) 400-3350.

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