It depends on many factors. However, another question may be “can I afford NOT to have my roof replaced?” If it is a commercial space that means it is integral to your income. It is a part of how you put food on the table and a roof over your family’s heads. You definitely need to keep your commercial space safe and protected from the elements. If that means replacing a failing roof system, then that is what must be done. What factors go into the cost of a commercial roof replacement in Boise? Knowing these will help you determine if you are ready. But to be clear, the best solution is to call a Boise commercial roofing company and get an on-site quote!

What Type of Roof Do You Have?
Roofs on commercial buildings are as diverse as commercial buildings themselves. Some are converted homes used for commercial purposes, while others are built specifically for their current occupants. You will need to know if it is a single membrane roof or if it is a built-up roof. Regardless of the material, a roofing specialist will need to physically see the current roof to determine exactly what is going on and what problems may arise during a roof replacement.

How Hard is it to Get to?
This may not seem as obvious, but roof access plays a major role in a commercial roofing project. Are there places where cranes can be positioned to move material to the roof? What about personnel access to the roof? Is there an easily accessible way for crews and equipment to get to the job? If special considerations are to be made, there is typically additional costs involved. Your commercial roofing contractor will walk you through all these issues before giving you your quote.

How Large is the Roof?
The size of the roof determines how much material and how long the job takes. This is true for residential and commercial projects. The contractor may be able to measure your roof through satellite technology depending on its location.

Any Special Code Requirements?
Regardless of where your property is located, the city or municipality in which the building sits is likely to have commercial roofing codes to which must be adhered. Hiring the wrong commercial roof contractor could leave you open to problems down the road should a code violation be detected. A reputable Boise commercial roofer will know the codes for Boise and all the surrounding cities. They will make sure you get the roof job you need, done correctly and within code.

Make it Easy on Yourself…Call a Commercial Roofing Contractor Today
If you are thinking about a new roof, it is because something has given you a reason to consider it. Either another contractor has told you your roof is in trouble or because you are seeing evidence of a failing roof. In either event, you need to call a commercial roofing contractor now. It is much better to be a year too early than a day too late!

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