Every type of roofing material has its moment in the sun. some of them last for longer than others. Shingles have been the most popular choice for decades and seem poised to remain the most popular choice for a very long time. Wood shake and metal roofing are growing in popularity. Shingles are popular because they’re affordable and easy to repair. Wood and metal are popular because they’re long-lasting and don’t damage the environment. However, clay has been trending for all of those reasons. Clay is easy to repair, long-lasting, and environmentally-friendly.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are basically the same as clay pottery. They are made from natural clay, oftentimes with some modern binders or hardeners. They’re then shaped into roofing tiles. Typically, the tiles are semicircles in the Spanish mission style that is popular throughout the American southwest. They’re then fired in a kiln until they’re hard. Finally, they’re installed on the roof. They hang on the nails and overlap one another.

Clay roofing tiles are made from natural materials, which means that they are not harmful to the environment. Furthermore, clay tiles can have very high insulating values. The density of the clay depends on the time the clay is heated and the temperature at which it is heated. That will determine how well it insulates as well as how hard the tiles are. Harder tiles are going to resist deforming or degrading in high heat and persistent rain. However, they’ll be more brittle. Softer tiles will bend and stretch a little bit.

Why It Is Trending

Clay is trending for a few reasons. Clay can be made to look in many different ways. It’s also available in a wide range of colors. When it is coated with pigment, it is called ceramic. The high heat of the kiln bakes the pigment onto the surface of the clay, which means that it will not fade or degrade.

Clay fits into the green roofing trend because clay is a natural substance. Clay roofs fit into the trend of white or colored roofs because they can be baked with an enamel. Clay is a good insulator that can help you reduce your heating and cooling costs as well.

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For all of these reasons, clay has been growing in popularity. If you’re looking for a new roof, especially if you’re looking for something less conventional, you should consider clay. It is a trend that does not seem to be fading any time soon.

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