Picking the right color for your shingled roof can be a daunting task. There are different factors to consider. Think of your roof as a canvas that showcases your home. How will you know how to paint it? This article goes over how to pick the right shingle color for your roof.

A Few Considerations…

First, think of the structure of your house. Large, stately homes often use dark colors for shingles, which reflects the size and architecture of them. Southwest or Floridian looks often go well on tile or stucco houses, with their rusty reds and orange colors. Or a wood sided home might look best with deep browns or green shingles, especially if it is nestled in trees.

Second, keep up with neighborhood standards. Make sure you are aware of any HOA bylaws regarding roof colors. In neighborhoods where the homes are close to the road, close together, or where the houses are not covered by trees, it is especially important to choose a color shingle that does not deviate too much from the others in your area. In many neighborhoods, this often means darker, conservative colors.

Third, consider the climate that you live in. Dark colors absorb heat while lighter colors reflect it. If you live in Phoenix, Arizona, you will most definitely want a lighter color on your roof. If you live somewhere like Seattle, Washington, you may want to go for a darker color. Considering the temperatures inside your home and how your roof affects them is important. You live in your home, and you need to be comfortable.

Fourth, consider your landscaping and your outdoor living space. How much time are you going to spend in that space? How much of your roof shows from your back patio? Do you care if the color matches your landscaping and overall aesthetic of your property? For many people, outdoor living spaces are important. People spend a lot of time in their yards, on their patios, and whatnot. Perhaps a good idea would be to try and match the color of your roof shingles too the colors you find in your outdoor living space.

Last, consider the color of your home, not just the architecture. There are lots of ideas online as to which color houses match which color shingles the best. You likely don’t want to have a green house with bright red shingles, or a nice yellow house with pale shingles. The color of your house can make a difference in how your house looks overall after you’ve put the roof on. The color of the shingles is what ties it all together.

Consult a Boise Roofing Company for Help!

If you’re wondering how to pick the right shingle color for your roof, follow these simple guidelines and any others that you may find online to really get to the bottom of the question. Architecture, climate, landscaping, neighborhood standards, and the color of your home can all be factors that you need to take into consideration before settling on a shingle color. When in doubt, consult an experienced Boise Roofer to help you walk through all of the possible choices. They will help you determine which shingle color is perfect for your home!

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