Have you ever walked into someone’s house and immediately fallen in love with their kitchen? The appliances were brand new, the countertop space was endless, and there was even a hidden trash can in their island. Compared to an outdated kitchen, a remodeled kitchen can feel like day and night. Many homeowners decide to remodel their kitchens in order to update and freshen up the space into something they can love once again. With the added benefit of increasing home value, kitchen remodeling is something that many people choose to do for their older home.

Remodeling can give life to an otherwise static area of the home. People who have lived in their home for an extended amount of time tend to understand what kitchen features they are lacking, as well as what features they have but don’t use (and are wasting space). These homeowners are able to use remodeling as a tool to better customize their home to their tastes – whether that’s with a full remodel, or a partial remodel where only a few things are changed or updated. While a kitchen remodel can require a fairly large budget, the extent to which updates must be made will determine just how much a homeowner will need to invest in their remodel. In many cases, a Boise home remodeler will be able to work with a homeowner’s budget to include as many of the things on their wishlist as possible, without going over budget.

What are the Benefits of a Kitchen Remodel?

As such an important room in the house, a kitchen remodel can have a huge impact on the value of your home. With that being said, each design is different and can attribute to a ranging amount of a return on investment. In order to truly determine how much a kitchen remodel might increase your home value, consult with the experts over at Knox Roofing. However, simply knowing that a kitchen has been remodeled is a great benefit to buyers and a quick visual attraction that will stay in their minds even after they have left their tour.

Another benefit of a kitchen remodel is the fact that you can incorporate more energy efficient appliances than ever before. As more houses are becoming “smart,” it only makes sense that kitchen remodels would start to do the same. “Smart” appliances can make cooking easier and integrate with many energy efficient options as well. For those looking to save on their utility and water bill down the road, a kitchen remodel is a good option.

When people are looking for a fresh perspective of their home, a kitchen remodel is a wonderful start. By adding in more storage, better light fixtures, and more user-friendly features, homeowners are much more likely to enjoy being in the space. Not only will they feel better, but they will be able to make better use of the room itself.

What Style Should I Choose for My Kitchen Remodel?

When you begin designing your kitchen remodel, think of all the things that you wish were different in your kitchen. Make a list of all the pros and cons with your current kitchen, and then base a new design that centers around this list! For example, if you absolutely love to entertain but have no room for it in your current kitchen, build an island with a flat stovetop in your new kitchen design. Not only will you have more room to entertain, but you will feel more connected to guests as your back won’t be to them. Another thing to keep in mind is how the rest of your family uses your kitchen, and if there are any provisions you want to include for them as well.

After you are able to figure out the overall layout of the kitchen (even if it is the same as your current one), you can move on to specifics. Think about the brands of appliances you would like to use, and the aesthetically pleasing colors you want to incorporate. If there are any hidden features (like undercabinet drawers) or a specific backsplash you want to have, be sure to sketch it out and see how it fits in with the other aspects of your design. While this phase of the remodel can be the most research filled, it will pay off in the end all the effort you went into figuring out the perfect style for everything. With that in mind, your remodeling company is there for you through this step as well! If there is a light fixture or feature that you simply can’t find anywhere, your remodelers just might be able to recommend a perfect option you never would have been able to find on your own. Working closely with them during this phase is a great way to make sure your ideas are closely aligned with your budget as well.

Choosing Knox Roofing

Knowing which Boise house remodeler to choose can be tricky. With many companies offering relatively the same service, you have to be picky with what you are looking for in a company. For one, you always want to ensure the remodeler you hire is licensed and insured – just in case one of the workers were to get injured on your property, you should not be held liable (while this rarely ever happens, it’s always best to be prepared!). Dive deep into online reviews, and feel free to ask businesses for testimonials and examples of their work. For an experienced company, this should be no problem to provide.

As an honest, reliable company right here in Boise, Knox Roofing has offered remodeling services to customers all around the area for years. We take pride in knowing our knowledgeable team is able to provide the highest quality kitchen remodels and make it a priority to keep our customers in the loop the entire time. If you are ready to start your kitchen remodel, get in contact with Knox Roofing today!

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