In this day and age, it seems like a house is sold the minute it hits the market. But how do you get top dollar for your home? You make it the best it can be for the potential buyers. Before your home goes on the market it is recommended you take care of any small cosmetic issues that may be a turnoff. But what about a large eye-sore? What about a large issue that is more than cosmetic, but also protects the rest of the home? We are talking about your roof. An ugly, dated, and obviously past-due roof tells people that maybe you have not been taking care of the rest of the maintenance either.

A New Roof Protects the Rest of the Home

Roofs do more than sit on top of your house! They provide protection from rain, snow, wind, ice, and more. An old leaky roof allows water to seep into the main portion of the home leading to potentially serious problems like mold and mildew. Black mold is a serious problem that can lead to health problems if not properly treated. Symptoms of black mold range from nasal stuffiness all the way to systemic inflammation and toxicity.

There are also property damage concerns beyond mold. Water damaged sheet rock and plaster will need to be replaced, personal property can be damaged and more. A leaking roof can cause thousands upon thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. The best way to prevent this from happening to you and your family is to ensure you roof is in good shape, and if it is not, then have a roof replacement bid done immediately.

A New Roof Provides Peace of Mind

Home buyers know that there are a few “big ticket” items that must be considered before making a final buying decision. From plumbing to electrical, to appliances and landscaping, these are just a few of the items that can cause a new homeowner to dig into their pockets earlier than they would like. Having a new roof installed means that is one thing they do not have to worry about for a long, long time!

Experienced roofers in Boise have decades worth of time on Treasure Valley roofs and know what it takes to get the most out of their job. An average shingle warranty lasts from 25 years and beyond in some cases. If you can show your home had a new roof installed in the last year or two, it means the buyers can relax and focus on other areas of the home. Plus, it gives you an advantage over the competition that may not have a new roof!

A New Roof Means Better Curb Appeal

Curb appeal means more people stopping to look at your home. Even if your home is not on the market, it feels good knowing that your home looks great from the street. We all want a good looking home and for most houses, the roof is a vital element of the overall aesthetic. The lawn can look great, the paint can be fresh, but if the roof looks like its best days are behind it, then your chances of getting a second look are greatly diminished!

Trust a Boise Roofing Company

In Boise, you can trust Knox Roofing & Construction for all your roofing needs. From simple repairs to complete replacements, the team at Knox has plenty of notches in their belts from previous roofing projects right here in the Treasure Valley.

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