During the blazing heat and direct sun of long summer days, your shingles are putting in extra work to keep your house protected from the elements. It would be an understatement to say your shingles are put to the ultimate test each summer. The associated thermal shock of long, hot summer days that turn into cooler nights creates an expanding and contracting of your shingles. Here are just a few things your shingles go through during the summer!

Shingle Warping

The older your shingles are, the more prone they are to warping. You know you have warping issues when you notice your shingles beginning to curl or bend. This situation will not get better with time as the impacts of long, harsh days are cumulative. Any time your shingles are damaged your home’s integrity is compromised.


If you have ever seen granules falling off your shingles, you are seeing the effects of decay. The suns intensity is hard on new shingles. It is especially hard on decaying shingles! If you start seeing granules in your gutters or pieces of shingle in your yard, it is time to call a roof repair expert.

“Shiny” Looking Shingles

If you drive around your neighborhood, you will see more than a few roofs that look “shiny”. That look comes from exposed fiberglass in the mat of the shingle. The mat is structure on which the rest of the roofing material is attached. If you see the fiberglass that means you are missing much of what makes the shingle effective. All the protective elements are laid ON THE MAT. If you can see the mat, there are serious issues!

Damaged Coating

Again, the expanding and contracting of your asphalt shingles are going to cause some damage. That is why they must be replaced periodically. The better the shingle, the longer the period between replacements. The sun’s long harsh assault on your shingles during the summer can damage the protective coating that is applied at the factory. This coating is a key element in your shingle’s longevity.

Call Your Boise Roof Repair Experts

Roofing is not a job that falls under the DIY category. It is hot, dangerous work performed at heights most of us are not used to working. Anytime you find yourself with a roofing issue, it is important to find a local Boise roof repair expert to handle the issue. Whether you suspect there may be an issue because your roof is looking shiny or know there is a problem because you have leaks inside the home, call a licensed and experienced local roofer.

Hiring a local company is important because you need to have that peace of mind knowing that if there is an issue, they will be here to follow up. Traveling roofers may do a good job, but how do they handle future problems if they are in the next state?

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