When you are looking at your roof have you ever wondered what you should be looking for if your roof needs replaced? Most people wait till they have damage inside. By this time it is too late to just replace your roof. If you’re seeing water spots inside because your roof is damaged and leaking, then you have way more to replace rather than just your roof. You will have to replace the damaged drywall and insulation and any other things that the water has damaged not to mention the possibility of mold and other moisture related issues.

Unless you are in the roofing industry or you have some kind of knowledge you might not know the three basic signs that your roof is in need of repair or replacement. So here is a simple list of things to look for when you do your quarterly home inspection.

Curled Corners

Are the corners of your shingles curling up? If so this is a good sign that the integrity of the shingles have been compromised and you need to replace them as soon as possible. Water and moisture can get in and damage your home.

Cracked Shingles

You might not notice if your shingles are cracked unless you actually get up there and check them out. It is hard to see some of these damages without actually doing some kind of check up on them. A roof’s biggest enemy is age because inevitably your roof will get old and when it does the integrity of the shingles will fail and cracks will begin to show.

Bald Spots

No not on your fathers head we are actually talking about on the shingles. A good way to notice if the granules on your shingles are coming off is to look at the end of your rain spout. You will notice a large collection of granules on the ground. If you are seeing these accumulations of granules then you might want to inspect your roof to see if there are any bald spots. If there are then you can almost guarantee that there are other issues with your roof also.

Trust a Boise Roofing Contractor

There are more things to look for but these are the top three to notice before you have more major issues with your roof. You can always keep an eye out to see if your neighbors are getting their roofs replaced too. Most homes in an area are about the same age and after about 20 years you will start to see roofs being replaced. Until then keep an eye out and inspect your home as often as you feel you need too, or have a Boise roofing company come out and inspect it for you and give you a quote on the costs of replacing any damaged part of your roof.

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