Has your ceiling start to drip water? Is the drywall discolored or sagging? These are some of the signs that there is a leak in your attic or ceiling. The water coming from your ceiling is generally the symptoms of another leak in your home. When you start to see water damage and dripping from your ceiling there are two major home systems to check- the roofing system and the plumbing system.


If you start to see water leaking from your ceiling, blistered or peeling paint or discoloration you will want to act fast. These sorts of leaks should be taken seriously and addressed immediately. Depending on how much water there is you can have structural damage, mildew and mold growth.

If the water in your attic space is dripping down from the rafters or roof it likely caused by missing or damaged roofing. The attic does not have a lot of plumbing in it so if you are on the top floor (or only floor) of your home and there is an overhead leak you can assume it is from the roof. A Boise roofing company can inspect your roof for damage and repair the issues. If you are not sure if it is the roof or the plumbing you can should still get a roofing company out to inspect the roof and attic to ensure the cause of the issue.

If you notice a leak during or closely after it rains it is a safe bet that the cause of your ceiling leak is the roof. If there is active water dripping you can check the color, brown or dirty water is likely to be coming from the roof. Also if you live in a cold environment like Boise you will want to check for ice dams which can cause roofing damage and leaks. Additionally, you can check the attic for wet insulation. If the insulation is wet and there are no pipes in the area you will want to call a roofing company right away.


If your plumbing issue is the cause of your leak you will likely be under a bathroom, kitchen or other water source. On lower floors of your home you may also be under plumbing lines. If the water dripping from your ceiling is clear than you will want to call a plumber. Additionally, leaks from plumbing are consistent and leak in a steady flow or drip.


Roofing leaks are a big concern and if you are noticing signs in your ceiling you will want to have it addressed immediately. A Boise roofing company can assess your roof for damage and repair the issue quickly before the problem spreads and grows into a larger problem. Remember, leaking ceilings are a serious issue. That water is coming from somewhere and it must be stopped.

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